''Home-made Test Dummy''

Introduction: ''Home-made Test Dummy''

''Have you ever wanted to use a test dummy for an experiment but can't buy one anywhere? Well no need to wait any longer, I have a solution to your problem. In these instructions,I will tell you how to make a home-made test dummy in the comfort of your own home in just eight steps.

Step 1: ''What You Will Need''

You will need:

1 thumb tack
duct tape
2 containers of dispensing travel tube body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and much more...
1 bottle of Selsun Blue Naturals
1 bottle of Volissima Volumizing Shampoo
 1 container of Noxzema Deep Cleaning Cream
1 bottle of Suave Smoothies Shampoo

Step 2: ''Dump Out the Containers and Bottles''

Make sure you empty the containers and bottles into a sink  before you use them to make the dummy.

Step 3: ''Making the Eyes and Mouth''

Use the thumb tack to make holes in the Noxzema Deep Cleaning Cream container to make the shape of the eyes and the mouth.

Step 4: ''Duct Taping Two Containers Together''

Duct tape the front side of the top of the Suave Smoothies Shampoo container to the back of the Noxzema Deep Cleaning Cream container .

Step 5: ''Duct Taping Three Containers Together''

Now,duct tape whatever side of the tops of the Volissima Volumizing Shampoo and the Selsun Blue Naturals bottles to the bottom sides of the Suave Smoothies Shampoo Container.

Step 6: ''Duct Taping the Last Two Containers''

Now,duct tape the two containers of Dispensing Travel Tube Body Wash,Shampoo, Conditioner,and much more...  containers to the top sides  of the Suave Smoothies Shampoo Container.

Step 7: ''Wrapping the Dummy in Duct Tape''

To keep the dummy together, make sure to wrap it in duct tape.

Step 8: ''Now You're Done''

Now that you're done making the test dummy, it's time to test him in your experiments. If you need to repair him, just use duct tape. Hope you have fun with it!( Note:Don't blame me if it doesn't work,because I tested it and it worked just fine.)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I dont see any faces on him, it just looks like a wrinkle to me. and what tests can you do on it? it isnt lifesized and it looks like a lot of money to make a lot of them