Home Made Nerf Gun!




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I made this nerf gun all by my self and it works better than the ones that you can buy!




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    Well I tried to make an instructable on it but it got taken off by a moderrator...who told me to make it into a slide show instead. BUT I can tell you right now!. You need a pump (With a neetle) A Bottle of any kind A valve (Water or air) and a pvc pipe that fits a nerf bullet (optional) A pvc pipe to support the barrel a small coper pipe to add to the end of the barrle first, take the water bottle and screw on the valve then tape it to reanforse it. then, make a hole on the bottem of the bottle that will fit the neetle of the pump (has to be very tight) now, hot-glue the neetle in place and check for leaks (if there is cover the aria with clay) put the pvc pipe on the valve opining and tape it up REALLY tight cover evrything with tape to make sure if it DOES blow up then noone will get hurt. To shoot, pump up to 3 pumps, put a dart in and open the valve as you play with it more you can figure what the amount of pumps it can hold. Mine can hold up to 15 pumps.

    drop pile 273.JPGdrop pile 274.JPGdrop pile 275.JPGdrop pile 276.JPGdrop pile 277.JPGdrop pile 273.JPGdrop pile 272.JPG