Home Made Timber Push Bike Bicycle Repair Stand

Introduction: Home Made Timber Push Bike Bicycle Repair Stand

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Years ago I made this. I was living in a share house at the time and needed a Bicycle Repair Stand to assist with a push bike restoration project I was doing at the time. If you ever find yourself wanting or needing a Bicycle Repair Stand and don't feel like paying money for one, or don't have metal and a welder handy, then a few pieces of 4x2" Treated Pine Timber will do the trick (or whatever scrap timber you have laying around).

This home made Bicycle Repair Stand was something I came up with back in 2003.

This project was conceived and built within 2 hrs -- it was a rushed project because I needed it pronto at the time. With extra thought and additional materials this concept could easily be refined and improved.

I've coated it with Linseed Oil every year or so since that time to keep the timber nice. I have used this for 2x push bike restoration projects -- one was a 10 speed old-school racer and more recently I used it again for the BMX Haro frame push bike custom restore I did about 3 yrs back (see photo). I also use this repair frame for maintenance work on mountain bikes and other bikes.

I won't have time to create a tutorial on how to build this thing but have provided enough reference photos so you can easily build it if you choose. The only thing not shown in the photos are the 2 bolts with wing-nuts used to turn the head section of the repair stand into a clamp if/when you ever need to clamp it around the top bar on the bicycle.

I also made it so it can be manually adjusted to different heights.

With a bit of extra ingenuity you could also modify this Repair Stand so it can be rotated at different angles (eg. so you could put the bike on an angle with the front or back wheel pointing higher up in the air).

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    4 years ago

    my name is scott ,i think the bike stand is very cool i never thought about making a stand out of wood and i have the wood to welp lets see .im of to make it wish me luck.