Home Made Usb Power Hub (made for Usb Hdd Disks)




Welcome to my third tutorial.
This time I'm going to show you how to power up your usb disks! :)

If you got a pc with a thirsty graphic card and a low power source you may be suffering random crashes or even
not spinning usb hard drives.

Making such a hub is fun and easy. It will cost a few dollars (without power supply)

Also many people were telling me that my disc is broken...It works perfectly now!

What problems?
-disk freezing
-disk beeping
-disk do not spin up

What do you need?
-pc power supply (don't buy a new one just get on from scrap . In my country they cost like 4$ ea.)
-all the soldering stuff (iron, etc.)
-cables (ribbon cable just 4 wires)
-led diode
-470 ohm resistor
-usb plug + socket
-few minutes

Step 1: Few Simple Steps to Make

Steps are shown on pictures.

-solder cables
-solder resistor + diode
-solder psu (red(+5v) cable , and black cable (ground))
(To turn psu on you have to ground the green cable)

Dont forget that:

usb plug --------
usb socket +++++
YOU HAVE to rotate the socket! 

Step 2: Test It!

You need an:
-old pendrive

Plug it in, turn power supply on.
If it appears on 'my computer' you did well!

Now you can plug your expensive hdd.




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