Home Security Alarm

This is a very short and easy way to protect your home from thefts. This is a very basic type of alarm which will wake you up by a alarm when a wire attached to your front or main door detects any movement.

Step 1: Collecting Your Material

Materials Required are --

  • Thread
  • a small piece of paper
  • a strong copper or steel wire covered with plastic
  • 1 buzzer
  • an iron nail
  • electrical tapes
  • a socket

Step 2: Starting Off

Cut a small hole from the center of the paper piece.

Step 3: Iron Nail or Any Strong Support

make a not with the help of the thread and the support.

Step 4: Placement

Put both the ends of the wire on the opposite sides of the paper in such a way that after removing the paper both the ends of the wire come in contact with each other and the current should flow.

Step 5: Led

now just for some improvements you can connect a led .This will also help people to know that the alarm system is powered on.


Before officially testing it for the first time make a brief inspection and make extra safety.

Step 7: First Check

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 8: Video




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    apaar dua

    4 years ago

    Today i will upload a video of the working model. ^_^