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In a small apartment, a desk is used for many things. It's often more than just a workstation. It can double as a craft table, a dinner table for one, a make-up station or vanity and a place to store unopened bills. With the flip desk, I set out to create a small, simple desk designed for multi-tasking. You can create this desk in a few hours with a single sheet of plywood.

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this is my favourite Instructable, can't wait to move into my new house sonic can have a crack at making one. great idea ?

Towards end of the video, where final desk is seen - it looks like it sags in the middle, Is this optical ilusion, or it really sagged?

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It looks like a result of lens distortion. If you look at the baseboards, you can see they bend too.

how much weight do you suppose this could support? I'd love to make this, but use a desktop and not a laptop. I'd worry that the PC and Monitor might be too heavy.

I noticed that you didn't use glue for the stacks of plywood. Did you have a special reason, or you just like screwing them together better?

PS I want that little woodpecker that made the spot for the hinges. ;)

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I had noticed that as well. You could probably glue the stacks together and then sand the edges to ensure consistency.

All in all a nice little desk for a compact space.

A word of warning about Home Depot type plywood. All of the plywood at Home Depot and similar box stores contain tons of voids in the inner plies. It impossible to cut a sheet of plywood without cutting through at least two. These voids are ugly, and are even present in birch plywood. The most plentiful (but expensive) void-free plywood in the USA is called Baltic Birch, and is not available in customary 48" x 96" size. Instead, the largest sheet is 60" square.

About the cutting of the plywood. It is impossible to get straight cuts like the author did without a saw guide. If you don't have one, or can't make one, expect to spend DAYS of sanding to get the edges nice and smooth.

The face grain of the plywood with splinter badly on you, unless you score your cut line with a sharp knife.

While sanding, put a small radius on all the edges to prevent even more splintering in the future.

With the above precautions you can make a very nice project.

Nice work! I'm leaning toward doing something like that when we redo our office space. I'd like to have a flip-up door to hide a lot of cabling and plugs.

So instead of a front-to-back lid like yours I'm planning on one hinged along the side. Flip up a 12" wide door to get down to the power strips and cabling but leave a notch routed out for the cables to come up.

That's awesome! Definitely a neat challenge and a unique product!

This is awesome! Sleek design, and a great place to store a little clutter in a small space

Nice. Thanks for posting.