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Introduction: Homebrew Lighting

The idea is to create a lighting that consists out of parts from the local handy shop and some 3D printed connections.

Second to that I still need to prove some members of the house that a 3D printer has it's value ;-)

This light can be fixed when broken, changed when needed and evolve in the community. Feel free to thinker, give feedback and design your own!

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Step 1: List of Different Components

The list of components to build this light:

For this lighting you require:

1. a power plug with switch from your local handy shop

2. a lamp fitting with nice wire. Ikea SEKOND cord set.

3. 3D printed part - bottom end

4. 3D printed part - connector

5. Copper tube from 12mm outer diameter - 470mm - 1X

6. Copper tube from 12mm outer diameter - 200mm - 2X

7. 3D printed part - tube end

8. 3D printed part - lampshade (or purchase one of preference that fits the )

9. Light bulb E27. (halogen or other low heat bulbs) Don't put a standard bulb in it (too hot for the 3D print)!!!!!! Small bulb from Ikea, forgot the exact details.

10. 3D printed part - top end

*. a drill of 12mm, to finish the printed 12mm connections.

Step 2: Cut the Copper Tubes

Cut the copper tubes at the right dimension. 2parts of 200 mm + 1part of 470 mm.

Step 3: Print All the 3D Parts

There are 4 different parts to be printed to mount the light.

  • 3D printed part - connector
  • 3D printed part - bottom end
  • 3D printed part - top end
  • 3D printed part - tube end

There is one lampshade you can use, or design your own or purchase one you like that fits the E27 bulb holder from Ikea.

  • 3D printed part - lampshade

I printed this on a Ultimaker 1 with no problem.

The bottom end and the top end allow the cable to go trough. The bottom end allows the red wire to bend away when it is on the table. The tube end is closed.

Step 4: Rag It All Together

Get the parts in the right order over the power cord. If it is necessary you can use a 12mm drill to clean the holes from the connector part after 3D printing to make sure the copper pipe can get through/in.

Mount the power plug/switch of your choice on the power cord.

The 3D components at the end of the copper fit, but when you feel ok with the result it is probably better to fix glue them together.

Mount the two copper feeds in the connector to allow it to stand.

Step 5: Final Result.

The lamp is ready.

You can move it to adjust the height of the lighting.

I hope you like it, all comments welcome.

It is my first instructable, and the first contest I am joining. If you like it vote!

But more important go make it!

All the best,


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    3 years ago

    Cool project!
    Well documented!


    3 years ago

    This is a beautiful lamp :) I hope you changed their minds about the 3D printer!