Homebrew Pipe Bumper

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Intro: Homebrew Pipe Bumper

I was tired of the stock bumper for my Jeep, so after ALOT of grinding and welding rods this is what I've got so far! If you have any tips or suggestions feel free to comment or message!

Step 1: Purpose

This bumper is not really intended for off road use. This instructable is mostly to show what I've done and get feedback. Yes it is primitive, lol but I'm just starting with trying to fabricate things of this nature, an I also was using what I had at hand. Which wasn't much to work with haha.

Step 2:

I used some angle iron to give a little extra reinforcement. As I said earlier this not really meant to be used hardcore off road, if that was the case I would used more than just the stock bumper mounts.



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    Tip 3 months ago on Step 2

    Great job! Could you make it longer to protect both fenders?