Homebrew Remote Control Hover Craft (Drill Battery Powered)

Introduction: Homebrew Remote Control Hover Craft (Drill Battery Powered)

http://vimeo.com/justinen http://www.flickr.com/photos/bradjustinen/

Homebrew Remote Control Hover Craft

Made with:
Two marine 12v in-line blowers (google it)
Two Ryobi One+ 18v batteries
Parallax Servo
Misc. VCR Parts (wheels, belt)
Traxxas remote & receiver
6v battery pack for the Traxxas receiver
Two Ryobi battery connectors (pulled from Ryobi flashlights)
Two power buttons (pulled from Ryobi flashlights)
Strong, light-weight fabric
Counter weight

Other stuff used:
Hot Glue
Wood Scraps



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    11 Discussions

    hey bro i know i might be ages for you to be on since LOL, but can i ask if you are able to show a video on how you made it please?

    Must be hard to steer, though it looks fun. :D

    Nice. Could you show how you built it? An 'ible would be nice.

    I'm in Seattle and we are currently dominated by the snow. I tried it on snow but it was pretty powdery and the hovercrafts kept getting it inside. So i haven't yet but will soon. This is also the first version. I will be updating in the future.