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Introduction: Homecoming Ribbon (updated)

When I moved from the west coast to Texas, I couldn't help but notice the giant ribbons people wore at the homecoming football games. Why??? Texas sized school pride!

They're very cumbersome, heavy, cost a fortune, and if you don't have one, you're treated as though you have the bubonic plague.

They've been a tradition in Texas for a long time. A relative told me she used to wear a fresh mum with ribbons back in the late 50s.

In this instructable, I hope to encourage west coasters to try this. When someone asks you what the heck you're wearing, say, "Dude....duh! It's a homecoming ribbon!" (Seriously, don't say 'dude' in Texas though.)

Step 1: Supplies

You need oodles of ribbon. 10 in one color, and 10 in a second color. A bare minimum length is about 24 inches; my ribbons are 3' feet in length. (These should be 1 1/2 to 2" wide)

You need 2 cardboard circles, 6"inches in diameter.

3' feet lengths of either silver, gold, or white, cord, or thin ribbon, depending on which color accents your school. You need at least 5 lengths of the medium width ribbon (1/2" inch wide)

Get another couple of spools that can accent...there's no such thing as too much glitz, or glam here! I've used silver & green Christmas garland.

2 large latching pins for the back, or 2 large safety pins

Glue gun and sticks

Stickers...not just any though. You need sparkle, shine, and flash. Get letters to spell out the following: Name of School, name of the player you're cheering for and their number, name of their sport/activity (football, band, cheerleading, drill team, etc.,)and the current school year.


Satin mum flower

Tiny trinkets: cow bells, footballs, cheer megaphones, etc.

The newest trend is to put something in the middle of the mum, like a small Teddy Bear. (I think LED's would be better!)

The ribbons for guys aren't as long, but they are just as massive. Instead of being worn with a pinned back, they are attached to a garter and worn around the upper arm.

Step 2: Making the Back of the Mum

You will need 6" inches of both the wide, and medium width ribbon for making each bow.

Place the medium with ribbon over the wide width. Cross the ends over the fronts of each other and staple together.

Turn the bow over, so the underside is showing, and staple it to the card.

Staple the bows to one of the card circles, evenly spacing them around.
The bows act as an accent to the back of the mum when attached.

Step 3: Adding the Mum

You can either glue the mum to the card with ribbon, or add some background sparkle before it.

I cut off the end off a Christmas decoration, repositioned it over the bows, glued it on, then glued the mum to it.

Step 4: Making the Accent Ribbons

Tie bells, beads, cheer horns, footballs, etc. to thin pieces of ribbon, garland, or colorful string.

I wound 2 kinds of Christmas garland around each other to make one piece.

Take a piece of thin ribbon, string colorful beads through it, and tie on some bells, helmets or whatever you want.

Make about 5 of the thin, accent pieces. (3' feet long each)

Step 5: Assembling the Main Ribbon Base

Staple opposite colors of the wide, 3' ribbon lengths together. Green, white, green, white......

Staple onto a second 6" diameter card, nearly up to the center hole. You should have 10 ribbons total.

Step 6: Decorating the Ribbons

There is no specific way to decorate the wide ribbons. Most Homecoming ribbons will have the words: HOMECOMING, 2008, a name, the name of the school, etc. They can also have bells, a favorite sport/activity sticker or emblem, and their name on it.

The one thing you will need to make sure of is that you have equal colors decorated.

2 silver, 4 green, 4 white. 10 ribbons will be decorated and placed over the other 10.

Anything that doesn't have a good adheasive backing will need to be hot glued on.

Step 7: Add the Accent Ribbons

Staple the thin peices of ribbon, that were decorated in Step 4, over the wide ribbons on the round card.

Step 8: Add the Decorated Ribbons

Decide where you want each piece to go before stapling them onto the card. Use hot glue, in addition to the staples for ribbons that are hard to staple.

I only have one picture of this that turned out, and had to re-do it. DO not staple the ribbons more than 1/2 way up the card. ALL ribbons should be below the center hole.

Tape the card to a wall, and trim the bottom so it's even.

Step 9: Backing

The third card circle is for the backing. This will be the one that covers up all the staples, and holds the pins so you can wear it.

Poke two small holes towards the top of the circle. Place the clasp end of a safety pin through the back and make it come out the other side.

(I only show the top piece, but when I tried it, it needed a second safety pin.)

Make 2 more holds towards the bottom of the circle and put another safety pin in.

Glue both safety pins to the card with hot glue. Glue the front and back of the safety pin.

Step 10: Glue It Together

The circle with the mum goes on front, the circle with the ribbons gets glued to the back of the mum, and the circle with the safety pins gets glued to the back of the ribbon circle. The mum should be facing out on front, and the safety pins should be facing out in back. The ribbons should be sandwiched in between.

1, 2, 3

I apologize for the lack of pictures. So many of them didn't turn out....I need a new camera.

Step 11: Final Touches

Many mums have bears glued to the front, but I opted to hot glue a large felt letter, and a "Homecoming" sign on.

Now go wear this proudly to your Homecoming game!

Step 12: Pictures As Promised.....

Here they are, the Homecoming Parade Pictures and once again, my ribbon is small. I felt ridiculous wearing it to the parade, then I felt ridiculous because it was so small!

The baseball player was wearing the boy's version with the garter.

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    4 years ago

    Don't feel bad that you didn't know about mums. I didn't know about it until I walked into school during homecoming of my freshman year and suddenly everyone was wearing these giant flower things. My bff came up to me and asked,"why aren't you wearing a mum?" I said, "because I don't know what a mum is." The sad thing is I'm a native Texan.

    This isnt just done in TEXAS either.. Most parts of New Mexico does this also.. The part of NM we call West Texas.. and yes they are real, hug, expensive and a must if you plan on going to school the friday of homecoming. My sons are now in high school and the part of NM we live in, does not do this.. Im sad and happy at the same time! I still have mine my hubby bought me our senior year. we were HS sweet hearts.. and just celebrated 21 years of marriage. We also dont call these ribbons or mums.. they are corsages for the girls and butoneirs for the dudes. (the dudes are garter belts worn on the arm and normally they are made to match the girls.. these are complete with stuffed animals, candy, music, lights etc.. they range from approx 75 bucks to 300. the expensive ones have the large flowers on the front.. and then have a a smaller to medium one that attaches to the back.. the more popular you are.. the more your expected have..


    11 years ago on Introduction


    Very Interesting
    Very Interesting

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    As homecoming approaches, I want to thank you for your testimony. I looked at it on the wall again, and thought, Dang, that thing is Huge! However, when I got out in public, I realized how puny my ribbon actually is. After making one, I think it's worth the 75 to 100 bucks to buy one!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    holy cow! i just moved from waxahachie texas to iowa. Our school colors were green and white and they look like an exact replica of them. what part of texas are you from?

    Thanks I got a really good laugh from all this. YES, they are real. Our homecoming is in 3 weeks, at which time I will take all kinds of photos of people wearing them proudly. Please go ahead and google Homecoming Mum, and then click on images.Try these 3 images. The second one isn't as long because it's for a guy. Football players wear them on their arms. The third image shows the kids wearing them...notice how big the girls' are. picasaweb.google.com/.../Zw1YT7E5Gn6v_1om_nFoDA jeaniesjewelry.com/senior_garters.htm www.royales.org/events/news/2005mumsale.htm


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hold Everything! You can't possibly show a picture of a great big ribbon, and not show a picture of somebody (maybe you?) actually wearing it. Being from California, I will need some proof that this is for real, before I walk around with one, and say, "Hey, don't laugh, they do this in Texas!" Seriously, that is a lot of work for a ribbon. I may have no choice but to make one, even without the photo proof, that somebody in Texas is willing to wear one.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't think this was real either. I looked online and they are called homecoming mums.

    check out google images for homecoming mum


    11 years ago on Introduction

    but they do wear these in Texas - just look up homecoming pics from texas