Homeless Care Packs

Introduction: Homeless Care Packs

Every year for Christmas I like to do something to not only benefit other people, but to also help those in need. This year I had a project for school that made my decision for the homeless care package even easier. This project can be done anytime, with a few short steps, and it's a very affordable way to give to others. You can even save things you get for free all year long and at the end of the year, around Christmas, make this project a tradition in your house.

Step 1: Create a List

First thing you need to do is create a list of all the things you need for your care packs you plan to give to the homeless.

I would suggest doing this first that way your project is not only organized but you don't forget anything that you feel should be included.

Step 2: Gathering Items

When you made out a list of what you need and how you're going to get those items, whether it's donation or you purchase them yourselves, the next step is to gather items to put together the packages that you were going to hand out.

Along with the items you're putting into the packs do you need to decide how you were going to package them. I personally chose purses for the women and shaving bags for the men because those are items that they can use for a very long time instead of a plastic or paper bag that's not going to last very long.

With seeking donations you do need to be prepared to be turned down, because a lot of people are looking for a free handout for the wrong reasons and ruin it for others. But there are places that will be happy to do help with your cause. When I went looking for donations I used my assignment sheet from class to show what I was making so they knew that my heart was in the right place.

Step 3: Create and Give

The final step in your care package is putting it together and delivering it to the homeless. Here are some tips/advice for this final step:

*Contact local law-enforcement and ask them where the homeless people in your area can be found if you don't know.
*Never go alone because you don't know any of the people you're going to be giving to and you need to remain safe.
*Remember that these people who are homeless are still human beings and they need compassion. They don't need to feel like they are less than anybody else and always remember that when speaking to them.



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    11 Discussions

    very thoughtful. can't think of anything else that honors the spirit of the season. thanks for sharing!

    Might want to find / purchase some warm gear - gloves, scarves, blankets, too, that could also be included. Good awareness project you created. Keep up the good work!

    ? One of the main things I stated in my paper that I handed into my teacher was that when you show others what you're doing it possibly puts it into their head so they go on to do it good for others to

    I think you accomplished that goal :D

    Thank you for posting this! We get really wrapped up in showing off what we can do on this site. Thanks for showing how you are trying to help others! You have my vote

    1 reply

    Thank you so much!!! I like to show others that it's good to give this time of year !


    2 years ago

    Great idea, and very kind of you to do this!

    Something that popped into my head while looking at the last image in your Instructable, of the man on the bench, is that a good addition to a kit like this would be a card with contact info for agencies and organizations that help the homeless, and their hours and location with cross streets. Without easy access to the Internet, information like that can be more difficult to come by, especially for somebody new to the area or without many resources for information.

    1 reply