Homemade 5' Solution for Headphones Knots




Introduction: Homemade 5' Solution for Headphones Knots

This is a situation that I guess everybody has experienced before with headphones cables: as soon as you put them in your pocket/bag, the Knot Monster takes action and convert your tidy cables in a complete mess that needs more than 5' to fix. :-) I have found this great idea on the Web, by Liisa and thought to give it a try, and also publish it here on Instructables so everybody can benefit from it.

All the credit to Liisa: http://selbstgemacht-ist-selbstgemacht.blogspot.de/2013/12/nie-wieder-kabelsalat.html.

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Step 1: Step 0: Initial Mess

This is a situation you already know, am I right?

Step 2: Step 1: All You Need Is This!

1. 2 clothespins

2. Glue

3. Scissors

4. Nice tape to give the object a nice appearance ;-)

Step 3: Step 2: Stick the Clothespins Together

Just use some longlasting glue made for wood.

Step 4: Step 3: Add Some Cool Decoration

You can use the thousands of tapes available in stores, or paint the surface with wood painting! For the moment, I have used tape because it is very fast and you can get cool effects by using nice colors and forms.

Step 5: Step 4: All Done (Twist and Fix Your Headphones)

Just open one of the 2 clothespins and fix the audio jack in there, then close. Twist the cable around your new creation and then fix the headhones by opening the other clothespin. All done!

Step 6: Step 4: Other Views of the Object

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    doo da do
    doo da do

    3 years ago

    Nice outside the box, gotta like that