Homemade Acetate Heater Pad





Introduction: Homemade Acetate Heater Pad

Learn in this video how to make sodium acetate (hot ice experiment)with household item,and how to make heater pad re-usable more than 100time,give 45*c for 1 hour.



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    thank you for this video.. this thing really helped me.. :)

    The step when you boiled it to crystals mine just turned into brown powder, am i missing something?

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    i believe so... :P i did that as well.. it turned into a brown sludge. u just need to put some distilled water into it whilst it's on the boil. then make sure it's a liquid then recrystallize it...

    Hello, I'm just wondering how long it takes to do each step espicailly the ones about the evapurating the water and melting the crystals.

    hm. i might as well make an instructable on this, as both these methods pretty much produce anything useful.

    Nice video. But, i dont think thats 100% pure sodium acetate. Unless he used 99% pure acetic acid, you wont get 100% pure. I'd say thats no more than 50% pure. 50% isnt sufficient enough to make hot ice, but probably for this heater pad.

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    actually, vinegar is about 3% or 4% acetic acid, and the rest is water. so it would not be pure. but, he boiled off most of the water, and drained the rest so it would be about 100% pure, so you could make good hot ice (ps. hot ice does melt at 345 degrees celcius)

    cool but i think it would be much easier to just order some off ebay..you can get a pound or about 450 grams of pure Sodium Acetate for less than 13.00 usd including shipping..but if you want to waste lots of time then make it with vinegar and baking soda....its all about having fun

    This is an AWESOME instructable!!!! I spent WEEKS on various science discussion and message boards asking how to make it, but really didn't get anywhere. Actually, some people did tell me that you can make it with vinegar and baking soda, but NOBODY could tell me more. I eventually spent about $60 ordering away for some. Thank you....you rock! For people who don't realize what is good about this: It is heat on demand. If you are freezing to death in a car with a dead engine, you pull out your acetate heat pad and shake it- instant heat. Yes, it is a lot of trouble, but when you are not near electricity, fire, or blankets, a "lot of trouble" becomes a very relative term. Yes, you can buy disposable iron based hand heaters, but anything disposable is arguably irresponsible.

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    how could u spend $60 on this stuff??? i bought a 500gram pack for $1.97, a set of 40 large coffee filters for $1.63 and a bottle of white vinegar (can't remember how much, few dollars). I got all this from coles... how could u spend 60 bucks???

    I'm in Ontario, Canada. Where are you, I've never heard of Coles. Well, we do have a Coles, but it's a bookstore chain. I did a serious internet search, there were only 2 places that sold it. Believe me, I thought it was too much, too, but when you have no other choice...... Or if you just mean, why would I spend that kind of money period, I'm just a science geek, wanted to do experiments.

    oh, rite well, coles is a supermarket branch and I'm in australia, so thats probably why :P

    sodium bicarb would be if he didn't neutroulize the solution before he boiled it. It's just baking soda and vineger.

    Hmm, very interesting, but way to complicated to be useful to me! Rather use a hot water bottle instead. Why are some of the instructions in past tense?

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    I'm pretty sure from the way it was written that English is not this person's first language, so the grammar is a little off. (Grammar is tough to get right in a 2nd language when you're not around it or using it all the time, especially with English)

    it is not it is accually very fun but it is even more fun if when you get to the part when you pour the crystals in the coffee filter you crush the crystals to a powder and pour it in to almost boiling water and constantly stir it until it will not absorb any more Sodium Acetate then pour it into a glass keeping the unabsorbed Sodium Acetate out of the glass put it into the frige until the liquid is cold then when your done with that tap it it will turn to instant ice, you can claim to your friends that you have 'magic powers'