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Introduction: Homemade Amplifiers

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Last couple of projects were amplifiers, the Lm 384 and SI-1030gl circuit, all parts were scavenged and reused, except LM 386 which I bought in store.

The SI-1030gl circuit is HI-fi circuit and power supply for this amp is from 27v dc to 50v dc.In my case the amp circuit did not worked properly because of bad power supply so I hope that someone will test this circuit and prove that circuit works properly whit stable power sorce.When I turn amp on there was a constant buzz sound.

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Step 1: SI-1030GL and LM 386

A circuit diagram for SI-1030GL and LM 386 amp.

A update will be posted soon and please send feedback (new circuit diagrams, comments, messages etc)

LM 386 circuit part list

R1 10R

R2 1kr

R3 (POT) 10kR

R4 10R

C1 220 uF

C2 10uF

C3 220 uF

IC LM 386

The parts for SI-1030GL apm are on circuit diagram

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