Homemade Arrow Sling Shot




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Intro: Homemade Arrow Sling Shot

here is a simple but effective arrow sling shot for about 6$

Step 1: Gather Materials

duct tape (electrical tape is better)

big rubber band

20 ml tee piece

20 ml pipe

Step 2: Fitting

get the tee piece and pipe the handle should be roughly the width of your hand and connect together

Step 3: Cutting

now cut the rubber band as done in the picture

Step 4: Taping

now tape the one side of the rubber band to the tee piece as shown in the picture once done do the other side

Step 5: Now Ur Done This Only to Shoot Bolts (arrows)

im not responsible for ur ACTIONS!!

be safe and have fun



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    Answer 8 months ago

    well u put the arrow through the tee piece at the front end and then pull back with elastic band like a sling shot