Homemade BB Grenade





Introduction: Homemade BB Grenade

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Materials: easter egg, bb's, firecracker, drill, super glue.


1. Take the easter egg and drill a hole in the top of it.

2. FIll the egg up with bb's.

3. Stick the firecracker in the top.

4. Add super glue all around where the firecracker meets the easter egg.

5. Light the firecracker and watch the easter egg go boom.



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    Nice. My son's school was evacuated for these today. Smh

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    would this fall under department of homeland security or atf for illegal manufacture of an IED(improvised explosive device) just sayin but this might be borderline terrorist activity. but hey great use of stuff just laying around for when your bored.......

    1 reply

    Well if that would be the case, that's ridiculous because this explosive device didd almost nothing. The BB's just layed there in a pile and looked like a bunch of eggs literally. It needs an m-80 rather than a firecracker. Then this may be a little dangerous.

    Ths thing is awesome and it really works. Im glad its easy to make cause a crackhead could make one

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    This is not a crackhead type of project. Maybe a crackdown project.

    I feel the need to put a caveat here. BB grenades are EXTREMELY dangerous. they are illegal in most states and can be misused. There have been deaths and dismemberment's from said devices. Please make sure put such warnings and inform people. Remember you are making a Grenade. In fact if i were you I would I would delete this instructable but I will leave that one on you. Even though this only a firecracker it is still dangerous.