Homemade Band

Introduction: Homemade Band

This is an homade banjo

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Step 1: Step 1a. Getting the Wood

Aquire a 70cm piece of wood, preferably 2-3cm thick, and 6-7cm wide. Get 4 pegged screws and screw them in 1cm lower from the highest leavings some of the screw sticking out. Add a fret holder out of any extra wood that you find. (Just cut 4 indents in it.) Your wood is now ready

Step 2: Step 2. Preparing the Tin

For the tin all you need to do is get a can opener and run it along the edge enough so the wood would fit through. Get a chisel or other sharp object then just cut it all out.

Step 3: Step 3. Fitting the Banjo

When you have the wood and the tin ready. Insert the wood into the tin and screw it down so it stays. Add 4 screws at the very bottom of the banjo. Add another fret on the cookie tin. After all of this then you are able to string the banjo with strings.

Step 4: Step 1a. Gathering Materials

8 5-6 inch long pvc pipes

5 elbows

Blue tape (or any color)

2 funnels for the horns

Step 5: Step 2: Piecing the Tubes and Elbows

Start by taking 6 pieces of tube and building them into a field goal kind of shape then use the elbows to fix them together

Step 6: Step 3: Attach the Horns

Fix the horns on the two prong type ends of the pipes and wrap tape around them for added support

Step 7: Step 4: Mouthpiece Pipe and Elbow

Add the last

Step 8:

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