Homemade Bass Fiddle



This is a full function upright bass fiddle made primarily from common home improvement center materials. Other than a "C" cut-out for use with a bow it has all the features of a commercial bass including a bass bar, sound post,  and full size neck/fingerboard. The bass weighs about 35 lbs.The bass has a flat fingerboard and is not designed for use with a bow. That is its only limitation. It has the tone and volume equal to many commercial upright basses. At todays prices the bass can be built for about $100. It can be built in about one weekend not counting time for staining and finishing. The tools required are a tablesaw, bandsaw, router, brad nailer, and sanding equipment. The mainframe is made from standard 2 x 2, 1/4" plywood, and standard wood corner trim. The tuning pegs are standard pegs from an electric bass. The strings are about $25 found frequently on ebay and are brand new. The tail pin is a chair leg mounted on a pipe flange. The bridge and tailpiece are homemade. And last but not least, it has its own carrying handle for easy transportation. This is one bass that you can acutally "throw it in the truck and go."
See and hear the bass:



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