Homemade Beaded Jewelry Set




In this instructable you will be able to learn how to make a beaded jewelry set that is both easy to make and looks like something you could buy from a store. Most instructables and even websites show you either how to make something really easy that does not look very good or shows you how to make something that looks really cool but is impossible to make. This instructable will show you how to make a beaded jewelry set that has easy to find supplies, and is really easy to make.


Step 1: Supplies

They are very few supplies you need and they are all fairly easy to find. A lot of the supplies can be used for all of the pieces of jewelry in this set.

All the supplies you need are:

- Beads

- Bead Spacers

- Wire

- Elastic

- Earring Hooks

- Necklace Chain

The tools you will need are:

- Pliers

- Wire Cutters

Step 2: Bracelet

The supplies you need for the bracelet are:

- Elastic

- Beads

- Bead Spacers

To make the bracelet, start by cutting a piece of elastic that is about 5 inches bigger than your wrist. (Wrap the elastic around your wrist and add 5 inches to that length.) After you have cut the elastic, thread beads and bead spacers onto the elastic until you reach your desired length. Make sure to try on the bracelet every once in a while to check how big or small it is. Once your bracelet is the desired length that you want, triple knot the elastic. Cut off the excess elastic and your bracelet is done.

Step 3: Earings

The supplies you need for the earrings are:

- Earring hooks

- Wire

- Beads

- Bead Spacers

To make the earrings, start by cutting about 3 inches of wire. (I needed this much because I used 5 beads and 4 spacers. You can use more or less depending on how many beads and spacers you are using.) Make a loop in the end of the wire. After making the loop, thread as many beads and bead spacers on it as you want. After threading the beads and spacers on, loop the earring hook onto the wire and make a loop on the top so the end of the hook is in the loop (see pictures). Wrap the wire around the top bead to secure the beads onto the wire. Once you have made 3-5 loops, cut off any excess wire and your earrings are done.

Step 4: Ring

The supplies you need for the ring are:

- Wire

- Beads

To make the ring, start by cutting approximately 20 inches of wire. I used 30 gauge wire for my rings. Once you have cut the wire, fold the wire in half and put the bead in the center of the wire. After doing this, wrap the wire around you fingers twice with each end of the wire. You can wrap it around your finger if you want but I used a spoon that was about the same size as my finger. Feel free to use whatever you would like as long as it is about the same size as your finger. After wrapping the wire around to make a ring shape, make sure the ring easily slides on and off of your finger. If it does not, you will have to loosen or tighten it to the right size. After you have wrapped the wire around and made sure it fit, wrap all but one inch of each end around the bead. You can leave more or less depending on how many times you want the wire to wrap around the bead. After this, wrap the rest of the wire around the ring.

Optional: After you finish the ring, you can cut the bottom so it is adjustable. If you do this, twist the wires together so they do not poke you and so they do not come off. Feel free to twist it as much or little as you would like.

Step 5: Necklace

The supplies you need for the necklace are:

- Plain necklace chain

- Beads

- Bead Spacers

- Wire

To make the necklace, start by cutting pieces of wire, each two inches long. You can have as many or as few as you want depending on how long you want your necklace to be. I used six on my shorter necklace and eight on my longer necklace. After I cut my pieces of wire, I made a loop in one end so the beads would not be able to fall off as easily. You do not have to do this if you do not want to. Next, add the beads and bead spacers. I used three beads on each wire. On one of the necklaces I made, I put spacers and on the other I did not. You can experiment with them and see how many beads/ bead spacers you would like to put on each wire. Once you have put beads on all of your wires, cut your necklace into pieces to go in between the beads. I cut each of my pieces about two inches long. Make sure one of your pieces has the clasp on it and one of the pieces has the loops that the clasp clips on. Once you have the number of chain pieces you want, lay out the beads and the chain pieces so you know what order to put them in. Next, take one of the pieces of chain and make a loop around it with the piece of wire that has beads on it. Make sure you leave enough wire to easily loop the other end of the bead wire through another piece of chain. I made my first loop with the end of the wire so there was plenty of wire left to make my second loop. After that, if you looped the end of the wire, unloop it. Now stick that end of the wire through another piece of chain. Repeat this for the rest of the bead pieces and chain pieces.

Optional: If you would like, you can make one long necklace and one short necklace to layer.



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    Good instructions, and nicely presented. Well done! : )