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Introduction: Homemade Bicycle Theme Clock

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As a bicycle mechanic, I wanted a bicycle themed clock for my shop.  I looked around at the ones available in the stores, but they were all pretty generic, so, I made my own.  Here is what I did:


1 - Piece of 1/4" plywood cut 12"X12"
1 - New bicycle chain
1 - Pedal gear ring
1 - Piece of old chain to remove links
1 - Clock kit
Several small wood screws.


Cut your piece of 1/4" good one side plywood to 12"X12" and paint it.  Once it is dry, determine the exact centre and drill a hole for the clock works.  Find an old pedal set from a one speed bike (I used this type of gear ring because it has some character).  I cleaned up the gear ring and sprayed it with Krylon metal paint to give it an anodized look.

Now mount the gear ring in the centre of the plywood to match up with the hole for the clock works.  Attach it using small wood screws.  Take the old piece of bicycle chain and remove several links, pushing the link pins all the way out.  Use the outer links that look like a figure 8.  You can use 4 like I did or 12 to go all the way around the clock.  I mounted my four at the 12 -3-6-&-9 positions on the clock.  These were mounted using small wood screws.  You now have the face of the clock complete.  Take the brand new bicycle chain and wrap it around the entire piece of plywood.  Start at the bottom centre and go all the way around. It should match up at the bottom.  Attach the chain using small wood screws through a few of the links all the way around.  Once all of this is secure, install the clock works through the hole in the centre from the back, attach the hands, install the AA battery and you are done.

You will now have a very unique clock.  Thanks for looking.


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