Homemade Bronze And/or Copper Metal Clay




Introduction: Homemade Bronze And/or Copper Metal Clay

This video has the instructions on how to mix your own copper or bronze metal clay from ingredients that are available online. The cost per 100 grams is about 1/4th the cost of commercial pre-mixed metal clays.

Mixing and Firing videos to follow!



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    Anyway know how to make art clay copper? I love artcay copper but its only addviable in 50 gram pack.

    Unfortunately, no. A programmable kiln is required as you have to fire in a "reducing environment." This means that you have to limit the amount of oxygen that gets to your piece. Bronze and Copper have to be fired in activated carbon in order to produce this type of environment. Silver does not need to be fired with less oxygen present and can therefor be fired with a torch.

    Hi I made this and the clay was wonderful. But it didn't sinter. It crumbled like sand. Could someone tell me why?

    Hi Wiggins, I hope you make your next instructable soon, so we can all learn how to mix it and use it. Thanks.


    4 years ago

    I should say I set the temp to 1785 F held for 2 hours 22 min


    4 years ago

    ​I bought all the ingredients, and the clay turned out beautiful. It was excellent to work with, ...But , the firing was a total flop. I have the Rio Grande kiln like you have in the video. Set the temp and held it for 2 hours and 22 minutes. The pieces crumbled like sand when I took them out. From what I have read, it means they didnt sinter...so back to the drawing board. Any suggestions Alan ? Did you have this problem at some point in your experimentation ?( PS thanks for sharing your metal clay knowledge :) )


    4 years ago

    Hey wiggins. I just fired copper with a torch ill share more with you about my recipe if you contact me. Put Metal Clay in the title so I dont miss it :)
    Pease Bryan. To_late2snooze at y hoo. Thx

    This is unbelievably helpful to someone who's interested in PMC but doesn't want to spend as much, thank you!
    How would you make it into actual clay? Adding water?

    I watched your video on YOUTUBE several days ago then I found you here.

    Have you tried to use any other inert other than Methyl Cellulose? I have found it to be quite expensive. Do you have a source, link to the 1lb container you referred to in your video? You can reach me at to_late2snooze at yahoo if you would.