Homemade Bubble Gum Machine That Works!

Introduction: Homemade Bubble Gum Machine That Works!

This Bubble Gum Machine was made by a 11 year old and her mother.  It took a box, poster frames, lots of duct tape and much more.  Best part is that the machine actually works.  She has been a hit with other kids!

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Step 1: Step 1

First Step - finding the right size box where she can fit her head and arms out.  The box was then painted bright red.  Next was finding materials for the top portion of the machine.  We used the hard plastic from poster frames.  4 of those with some duct tape and you have your top.  However, we also needed an opening on top where people could put the candy in since she can't hold a Halloween Bag.

Step 2: Step 2

This phase of the costume included figuring out how to make the gumball maching work.  We made the square portion that takes the money and has the handle to turn out of cardboard and covered again with duct tape.  We used a fastener to attached the handle to the cardboard to make it really spin.  We also had to brand this machine so found a Dubble Bubble Logo online.

Step 3: Step 3

The final step was putting the finishing touches on with the $.25 artwork along with blowing up balloons for the gumballs.  Finally we made the whole in the bottom so that as someone spins the handle Shelby slides out a real piece of bublegum.  It was been a real hit.

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