Homemade Car Bike Rack




I have been looking at getting a wheel bike rack but have struggled to find one near me at a good price. So i thought I'll make one.

Step 1:

I came up with a simple design to fit around my 17 inch spare wheel and gathered some spare metal to make it from. I had some 30 x 3 mm flat bar and some 25 mm square tube spare so i just used that.

Step 2:

I made the frame to go around the tyre and used the tyre to start to bend the shape. I used a little bending tool to get the rest of the shape too fit nicely. Then i welded the cross brace at the bottom to help support the weight of the bike and then the arms ( square tube ) on the top.

Step 3:

Then i cleaned up all the welds and the metal and sprayed it a nice matt black.

Step 4:

Using a small ratchet strap on the far side of the tyre going around the frame keeps it from moving on the tyre and to tie the bike on i will use a bungee with hooks. Also i have wrapped bubble wrap around the arms to protect the bike but i will replace this with some foam in the future.



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    Great DIY bike rack. How well does it keep the bike stable when you are driving fast? Does it bounce much?

    1 reply

    hi I haven't been far with it on and it does bounce a bit but I was looking into some luggage straps to secure it better, so should be great then. I did go off road on a bumpy track and it was pritty secure still.