Homemade Navratri Wear Dress(with Polka Dot and Floral Design)

Ola!!!! , my name is Kiran Tripathi .I am a housewife. I love sewing and this is my first Instructable.


This is a casual wear frock designed for my daughter . My daughter didn't felt comfort in wearing synthetic market clothes therefore I decided to make a cotton frock for her . This frock has a polkar dot and a floral design in blue with a back string. There is not much decoration in this frock its design is just kept simple for two reasons- 1.My daughter does not likes bright and shiny clothes as they are uncomfortable. 2.My machine is not capable of stitching multiple plates . And can not do many other things like Janome's machine.

I made this dress for NAVRATRI
therefore HAPPY NAVRATRI!!!!

Step 1: Parts

1. Two pieces of cloth with different designs.

2. Designer lace for neck

3. Pair of Scissors

4. Sewing Machine

5. Thread

6. Inch tape (with copy and pen)

7. Thread Cutter

Step 2: Measurement

Measure chest, waist round, shoulder, upper cross section of your arm, abdomen(from upper shoulder to waist because the frock is differentiated in two parts upper and lower) , skirt length(waist to knee)

While taking these measurments be sure to leave a gap of one inch as that is deducted while stitching.

Step 3: Cutting

Upper Part:

Fold the cloth of polkar dot design in half and then again fold it in half (from the same side). Now where their are 4 plates of cloth cut neck of about 3 inches radius and now cut from other side cut circumference of 7cm for the arms. Now after removing two plates of cloth for the front arm cut 1/2 inches deep so that the arm gets fit . Now from the arm to the waist make a slanting cut.

Lower Part: Now take 1.5x cloth of that of upper part for the skirt. Now make marks for pleats on skirt leaving a gap of one inches . Now cut a peice of cloth of two inches width for the belt(back string).

Step 4: Stitching

Now stitch the shoulders the shoulders together. Taking 1/2 inches of lace and strip stitch it around the round neck . Now from the other side fold it inside.

Now stitch a strip of 1/2 inches round the arm and fold the strip and stitch it . Neck and the armpit are ready now stitch the blouse sideways . Remember u made marks for pleats stitch them now. Now stitch the belt from inside . Now finally stitch the blouse with the skirt keep in mind to stich the belt in between of them. Now double fold the lower part of the skirt and stitch it along a single margin.

Step 5: Selfie Time

Now frock is ready enjoy ur day and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for it.




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