Homemade Cat Toys




Introduction: Homemade Cat Toys

Learn how to make a free, fun, and weird toy for your cat to enjoy! I'm pretty new to Instrucables, so please let me know what you think.

Step 1: What You'll Need

All you really need for this is one lazy cat! I'm using my cat Otto. Also, a cat fur removal tool is optional.

Step 2: Brush Your Cat

First, begin brushing your cat to remove his or her fur. Your cat should thoroughly enjoy this process.

Step 3: Gather the Fur

Next, gather as much fur together as possible.

Step 4: Roll the Fur

Next, roll the fur in your hands until you end up with a long, thick, compacted, cylinder-shapped wad of fur.

Step 5: Many Shapes and Sizes

Plus, these toys can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Step 6: Time to Play!

Finally, it is time to play with your cat. My cat Otto loves these toys. Just check out the video below for more playful action. Thanks for reading, learning, watching!



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    69 Discussions

    What a great idea! I'm gonna try it, that's for sure ?

    I love it!

    14 12:36 pm.jpg

    What a funny easy way to entarian you shedding cat!!

    my cat doesn't react to catnip, so i deiced to stuff his toy with his and his favorite kittys fluff. it worked!!

    2 replies

    Your kidding me you must be kidding

    Lol this is cute! i could definitely get enough fur from my cat

    I comb my cats every day or they get hairballs. They eat the clumps of hair right off the comb if I'm not careful. So this wouldn't work for me. I do find it hilarious your cat likes it so much though.

    those aren't really toys, more like furballs. lol my kitty attacks his hair after I pull it out of the brush too. try maybe putting them in little cloth bags with a little bit of catnip. gives them two scents and less able to destroy or make a mess.

    1 reply

    we had two peacocks when my cat was a kitten and their tail feathers are a great toy
    (for the record, i only used feathers lying on the ground :) )