Homemade Cheap R/C Boat From Things You Can Find at Home

Introduction: Homemade Cheap R/C Boat From Things You Can Find at Home

In this instructable, i'll show you how I made this cheap and easy to build R/C boat. For you to make it, you'll need only and old/broken rc toy that has two motors and some things you can find at any handcraft shop.

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Step 1: Materials

For this project, you'll need:

- An old control board (for two motors) from a R/C toy

- Two straws

- Two straight thick wires

- Two small rubber tubes (Needs to fit toughly in the motors' shafts and on the wires!)

- Two propellers (Needs to fit toughly in the wires' s ends!)

- One battery (Of the aproppriate voltage of the system!)

- Two motors (Aproppriate voltage of the system!)

-Styrofoam plate (Thick)

Step 2: Straws Inserted

Insert two straws in the styrofoam plate. One on each side, at a angle of about 45° , at the back of the styrofoam plate.

Step 3: Motors and Shafts

Glue the motors in a way that their shafts are both alligned with the straws. Then, put the rubber tubes on the motors' shafts. Insert the wires on the rubber tubes and finally, place the props at the end of the two wires.

Step 4: Soldering

Here comes the dangerous part: Soldering. Be careful to not burn youself!!!

Solder the motor wires and the battery wires to the control board appropriatly.

Step 5: Mounting Electronics

Place the electronics in the styrofoam plate (hot glue recommended).

Step 6: And It's Done!

Now turn on the transmitter and put the boat in the water! Have fun with your cheap and simple homemade R/C Boat!

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