Homemade Child Safety Lock for a Dresser

Introduction: Homemade Child Safety Lock for a Dresser

So my little one is a climber, it scares me... So anyways.. this is her newest stunt.. Needless to say its pretty dangerous because the dresser is pretty tall, and is kinda heavy... so I needed a RIGHT NOW FIX... I searched the internet and came up with some child locks, but nothing that will work for this, and nothing that is available RIGHT NOW.. SO I made my own, so to speak...

I did not want to damage the furniture, or so my wife tells me....

 I thought about holding the slide rail shut some how, or making it malfunction.. to keep the drawer closed.

I decided to take some string, and loop it around the back end of the drawers slide The part that is attached to the dresser itself..., and then again on the front to the part attached to the drawer itself... You only need string to make this work, use something strong but thin.. I used an old cord because my fishing line was afk...

All you need in wire, or string... and a screw driver.... 

Step 1: How Its Done

  • First take the drawer out, and the one above it if that helps.
  • Loosen the back of the track, and put your string or wire in it, make sure to leave plenty of slack. You will need it once the drawer is back in place. Tightened the screw again.

Step 2: Step 2

Put the drawer back in place, loosen the front to screws on the slide mounted on the drawer itself... loop your string thru as shown.

Step 3: Next Step

Close the drawer to the screws... pull the slack out of the string... then tighten the screws again.... Close the drawer....

Step 4: Done

Once the drawer is shut, you see the two sides of the string or wire... tie those puppies together...

Give it a few tugs to make sure the knot holds.... You can see in the last picture, that is as far as the drawer now opens... all that with zero cost and about 10 min of your time.

I would recommend using  High strength fishing line, it would be easier to apply and probably stronger then the wire I used. I just used what I had to solve the problem as soon as possible...

This is my first instrucatable, sorry if the layout is not the nicest. 

Another Idea, If you wanted to lets say open the drawer halfway, you could leave a little slack before making the knot... this would let you into the dresser without allowing it to open the whole way. 

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    you could also bolt the dresser to the back of the wall so that the dresser will not tip over


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Necessity is the mother of invention. That is a clever fix. Keep us updated if you modify this hack in the future.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yea I had to expand it to the drawer above it... She was doing the same stunt on that drawer too... She climbs like a Sherpa.... I am balding.