Homemade Christmas Gifts for Girls



Introduction: Homemade Christmas Gifts for Girls

Every year I look for ways to save money during the Holiday's. One way to cut cost and add extra gifts under the tree is to make my own gifts for my girls and nieces! Most of these gifts can be made in less than an hour!

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Step 1: Doll Clothes

Both of my nieces have American Girl Dolls, so I decide to make them a few outfits for Christmas.

1. Find a pattern and pick out fabric.....I also added lace.

2. Wash fabric, press or iron if needed.

3. Cut out pattern, pin to fabric, cut out pieces.

4. Follow the pattern and sew the outfit together.

5. Walmart sells accessories and other items for the large dolls in the toy section if you wanted to add a pair of shoes.

Time: Took about an hour a dress.


-fabric, lace, buttons, ribbons, zipper, etc.

-doll pattern (McCall's Crafts) M6257 Dress A

-Sewing Machine and Tools

*Pattern sold at Walmart or JoAnn's

Step 2: Yarn Basket

1. See my other instructables "How to make a Yarn Basket"

2. Great to fill with candy or hair accessories!

3. You can make the baskets any size or color.



-thick twine or clothesline

-plastic needle

Time: Depends on size (a few hours)

Step 3: Tablet Cover

1. I made a few table covers for my daughters....see my other instructables on "How to sew a Tablet cover" for all the steps.

2. You can make these any size or color to fit your person.




-Tablet measurements

-Sewing machine and tools

Time: 20-30 minutes

Step 4: Winter Headbands

1. Last year I made a few headbands for my girls. See my instructables on "How to Make Winter headbands".

2. Again, you can make these in any color to fit the person you are making it for.


-Fleece Fabric

-measuring tools

-Sewing machine and tools

Time: 20 minutes

Step 5: Doll Sleeping Bag

1. This is a very easy item to make/sew for a special little lady in your life.

2. First, laid out the fabric and cut it into a rectangle. I placed the doll inside to make sure it was the right size. I also cut a smaller rectangle for the pillow.

3. Next, I pinned and sewed the smaller piece (pillow) to the large piece of fabric at the top to look like a pillow. You can stuff this with stuffing. (I didn't with this one). I folded my edges under and top stitched.

4. Next turn sleeping bag inside out and pin up both sides and top of bag..5 an inch to an inch seam. Sew up both sides and top.

5. Turn sleeping bag back to good side of fabric. Place doll inside to make sure, she fits.

6. I rolled mine up and placed a bow around it.

Time: 20 minutes



-Sewing machine and tools

-doll to measure sleeping bag size/length


Step 6: Mermaid Blanket

Great gift for all ages!

1. Please see my other instructables on how to make a mermaid blanket!

2. easy to make

3. takes about 2 hours

4. cost about $30 in fabric

Step 7: Doll Mermaid Blanket

1. I used the left over fabric I had from the blankets I made for my girls.

2. I used a paper bag and made a mermaid body pattern. It was 20 inches, 11 at top of blanket and 8.5 inches at narrow part.

3. I cut it out. And attached it to a folded piece of fabric.

4. I used the mermaid tail pattern that I had for the girls blankets. I reduced it by 60% using my printer and it was the perfect size for an American girl doll mermaid blanket. (18 inch doll)

5. I cut out the fish tail pattern and pinned it to the left over glitter fabric I had.

6. I cut out the body, lining and fish tail.

7. Pin the lining and top of blanket, right side together. Sew across the top. Remove pins and flip material right side over. Iron the top and then sew a topstitch across.

8. Pin and sew down both sides of body for both back and front piece.

9. Attach tail to body (both pieces). Sew the tail to the body.

10. Pin the front and back pieces of the blanket together . Starting at the tail. Pin and sew.

11. Should be ready to go!

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