Homemade Coffee Candle!




Introduction: Homemade Coffee Candle!

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Here is my original Coffee Candle recipe!

This project is fun, cheap and easy (if you do it right!)

I saw some funky candles in the store (I think they were Yankee), and I thought to myself... "Wow, I can make one of these with some household objects!"

Here is another one of my candles, check it out!:

Step 1: Preparations

What you will need:
Old/ Used Candles
Cider/ Beer Can
Pot With Handle
Ground Coffee
Empty Container/ Tin
Salvaged Candle Wicks

Step 2: Getting Started!

First thing's first! Remove the top from your can, and you should be left with a makeshift "melting pot"...

Get all of your leftover tea lights and candles together, and shove 'em into the can (make sure to save the wicks)

Now make sure to put water into your actual pot (about half full) and bring it just under the boil.

Now! Put your "melting pot" into the water and watch your wax melt!

Step 3: Melting That Wax!

After 3 or 4 minutes, the wax should be a liquid.

Make sure to keep stirring with your teaspoon to get all the wax liquefied!

As seen in the picture, make the "melting pot" into a jug shape by pinching one side of it.

Step 4: Coffee Time!

Okay! So what I am using here is a nice, strong, ground espresso... Because if it isn't strong, you won't smell it!

I added 2 teaspoons of coffee into the wax, and tried to dissolve it by leaving it boil.

I left some granules intact, because it adds to the effect of the candle!

Step 5: Time to Make a Candle!

This is a simple step:
Quickly bring the wax to a surface (I used the straining board)

Prepare your container for pouring. I used an old cookie tin that I got on holidays!

Step 6: Get Pouring!

Fill up your container with your waxy coffee mixture!

WARNING: Careful! The wax is very hot!

Quickly put your salvaged wicks into the candle before if it sets (I used the wicks that I recovered from standard tea lights)

Step 7: You Have a Coffee Candle!

Let it set, and look what what you get!

After leaving it rest for a while, you will find that there is a nice coffee scent, and when you light it, you will get a warm aroma!

I hope that you enjoyed this instructable, and make sure to follow me because I have loads more interesting projects on the way!
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    17 Discussions

    cool idea, better than the ones from the store.

    I've been looking for this recipe for a long time -- thank you! I am definitely going to make this. I can almost smell it already!!

    My question is what happens to the grounds as the candle melts down? Don't you just end up with a bunch of coffee grounds on the top of the candle?

    Would Folger's Coffee work?? or should i use something stronger?

    Made this with but with coffee and hot chocolate granules. Turned out great and boyfriend was really happy!

    Great idea and so simple. thanks

    Sure they do!

    This is a awesome idea! Who doesn't like the smell of coffee!!

    1 reply

    5 years ago

    Yeahh, it's a good idea, I also wanted to make a smelling candle like coffe but i never know how to get start it. so thanks, but it works really with only the grond coffe beans?

    1 reply

    There is no reason why it shouldn't work if you start with an unscented, use a strong coffee, and get the wax/coffee ratio right.... Mine didn't start smelling until 24 hours after setting!

    Very cool