Homemade Creeper Head

Introduction: Homemade Creeper Head

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This is for my tech class also for my movie called "The Creepy romance"  So I'm going to be showing how to make a creeper head.
Also before we get started you may notice that this creeper head dose not look like the one that's going to be shown later. This is because I couldn't get a good sot of my own homemade creeper head. So I took a good shot of my friends earlier on in the my schools semester. so lets get started!!

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Step 1: Things That You Will Need

The things that you will need

1. box
2. green paint
3. paint brush
4. nilons
5. basket
6. exacto knife/scissors
7. glue

Step 2: Draw the Face

 Take your box and take your pencil and draw the creeprs face on to the box, on the side of your chose.

Step 3: Cut

Now you cut the creeper face outline  

Step 4: Paint It

Then after you cut out the face, you take the brush and Green paint... and paint it make sure you do one or two layers... 

Step 5: Eyes and Mouth

Take your nilons and cut a part of the leg.

Then after you cut the part of the leg you then cut down the part of the nilon.

After the nilon is cut take the glue  a spread it around the inside of the box around the wholes of the eyes and mouth.

 You might wan't to pin the cut up nilon with some thum taks when you place it over the glue.  

Step 6: If It Dosen't Fit on Your Head Add Somthing to It!

 Take the basket and cut the handle off the basket.

Step 7: Basket in the Box

Take the glue again and put some glue on the bottom of the basket then take the basket and place it at the bottom of the box. This will be were your head will go when you put the creeper head on.

Step 8: Put It On

up it on and your  head and your done!

It should look something like this....

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