Homemade Crystal Soaps




These crystal soaps are easy to make and has a mild citrus scent. They look so pretty, you don't even ahve to use them, just look at them.

Step 1: Guide


  • Soap
  • soap color
  • lemon oil
  • An old pot
  • Plastic Mug or silicone form
  • sharp knife


  1. Melt the pure soap into a saucepan. Be sure to do it under low heat.
  2. Meanwhile the soap melts, you cut a little thick shavings of soap color on the bottom of plastic mug or silicone mold.
  3. When the white soap has melted you take it off the stove and pour a few drops of lemon oil and stir.
  4. Pour the soap of the chips you just cut.
  5. Put the soap in the fridge and let it solidify. When the soap has hardened, cut the plastic curled up and take the soap out.
  6. Now you cut the soap, so it looks like a crystal. You can also use a silicone mold. There are lots of different kinds.



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    That looks really cool. Do you have any more pictures of how you made it?