Homemade DC Motor! - How to Make a Simple DC Motor! - Simple DIY Project (full Instr.)



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in this instructable i'll show you how to build a dc motor out of almost nothing

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Step 1: Watch the Instructional Video...

Step 2: Read Description...

Homemade DC Motor. How to Make A Simple DC Motor. Simple DIY Project. little motor really cranks! only takes a few minutes to make. cost barely nothing. ($3.00 for the 'magnet wire' - from fry's electronics and 99 cents for the magnet (actually sold as a 2-pack at from harbor freight tools)). not sure if there is any practical applications for this but it looks cool (so i had to try it.). *others have made similar motors and said that the wire gets pretty warm pretty fast (within seconds). i ran it for 10 minutes and it stayed cool. *I think it helps to remove ALL the coating from the ends of the 'magnet wire' so the connection is solid. items used: a magnet, magnet wire, 2 paper clips, a block of wood and one or two AA batteries.

Step 3: First, Gather the Materials Needed...

1.) one block of wood

2.) one magnet (i used a ceramic magnet from harbor freight tools)

3.) one AA battery

4.) two wires (i used test leads with alligator clips)

5.) two paper clips

6.) magnet wire. i got it at fry's electronics

Step 4: Now... the Build...

start by cutting down length of wood into a block (i used a scrap 2x2)

Step 5: Next Drill Holes As Shown in the Block...

drill 4 small holes in the block. these will hold the "supports" (the paperclips)

Step 6: Now "shape" the Paperclips...

next, shape the paperclips as seen in pics so that they will hold magnet wire above magnet. i just opened it up straight (more or less) and bent a little loop at the top.

Step 7: Insert the "supports"...

insert the supports into the holes that you drilled in the block

Step 8: The Magnet Wire...

now wrap the magnet wire a few times around the battery and slide it off (see pics above). then to secure the loop (so it doesn't unravel) wrap the end of the wire around the loop you just made (a few times). you'll do that for both sides. if at this point you're saying, "what?". make sure to watch video, because this is clearly shown (but is a bit hard to put into words)

Step 9: Sand Down the End...

using a piece of fine sandpaper, sand the coating off of the end of the wire. you will do that for both ends. that allows a good connection between the wire and the supports. clip the other end and sand. (i made 2 of them, but you only need one)

Step 10: Now Assemble It...

insert the ends of the magnet wire into the loops in the "supports" and slip the magnet under it. now all you gotta do is hook up the power.

Step 11: Fire It Up...

just connect the wires from the bottom of each support to the battery (see pics above). to get the motor started you may have to tap or spin the magnet wire with your finger. i show that several times in the video. once it starts it really moves fast.

Step 12: Here's Some Extra Pics...



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