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About: I’m 14 years old. I do all of my projects 100% by myself. Trust me my MOM HATES BUILDING STUFF.? Ever since I was little I’ always done all my projects by myself. I love Disney, pixar, star wars,...

Here you will learn how to make a homemade World of Color show. Inspired by the show in Disney California Adventure Park named WORLD OF COLOR?

Step 1: Coming Up With a Plan

First your going to need to understand that it will take some money and programming skills. If you have a pool great if you don’t buy an inflated one. Basically map out were pipes are going to go and where and how much water pressure will be in each.

Step 2: Creating the Build

Now basically all you want to do is create esecially a plumbing system. Your going to need submersible pumps. I bought mine at Home Depot you need several with different GPM. Now just starte creating fountains and pipes with pvc piping. BE AWARE THAT THE LESS AMOUNT OF NOZZLES IT HAS PER PUMP THE HIGHER THE FLOW OF WATER IT WILL BE. Get the thinnest pvc pipes possible so more pressure will be built up within the system creating a higher stream of water.

Step 3: Placing the System in the Pool

It would be smart to build the pvc pipe system in the pool but you can always just transfer it over. Begin testing it to make sure all the pipes are ready for a show.

Step 4: Lighting and Mist Screen!

Lighting equipment is totally up to you. I use Chauvet lighting equipment, but you can buy whatever DMX compatible lighting equipment you want and as much as you want. For the mist screen I simply did the same thing with the other pvc pipes, but this time I added an end cap at the end and slit a 180 slit right through the pvc end cap and my pump was at GPM 1300.

Step 5: Begin Programming

On this part basically get the cord from all of the submersible pumps and put them in a DMX control panel from there download any software needed for your lighting equipment and begin working and pump timing, music, and make it sync with the video playing on the mist screen. Also the mist screen should have a projector behind it also being controlled through the software. I had a 4k sony projector. I used Chauvet dmx control panels and lasers. Also a mist machine helped make the color more vibrant and some what saturated. I had Chauvet software and it allowed me to control pump water pressure. Again a lot of this is just CREATIVE DESCISION.
P.S sorry for my spelling I’m 14 and yah I know SPELLING HAS NEVER been easy for me?

Step 6: The Show

Have fun with it. I did. When I grow up I want to be a Walt Disney Company Imagineer and well this is an awesome Disney Parks show and it inspired me and I’ve never entered one of these contests. I hope you enjoy the IPAD PRO WOULD HELP SO MUCH WITH GRAPHICS FOR MY ROBOT ENGINEERING PROJECTS. I am working on a bunch of life size star wars droids robots as well as aid robots for the disabled.?

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    Wow! wow! please share a video of your show!!


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    Video, please!!!!!!!!!!


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    Impressive. I'm sure everyone would love to see a video of this in action!


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    That's so fun! It looks beautiful, great job!