Homemade Electric Weed Whacker!

The following spare materials I had lying around to make a DIY weed whacker.

1. 18VDC electric motor.

2. Broom handle.

3. Pushbutton Switch.

4. LiFePO4 Battery 12.8V.

5. Microwave oven food cover.

6. PVC Trunking Cover.

7. 1.3mmsq 2 core copper wire cable.

8. XT60 connectors.

9. Miscellaneous Screws, bolts, etc.

The finished product actually impressed me with how well it cut those hard stem weeds.

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Step 1: Motor, Safety Guard and Cutting Blade.

The motor has 2 threaded holes for screws which I used to mount the clear plastic guard over. An 8inch length of PVC trunking cover I used as the cutting blade.

Step 2: Power Supply.

This small 12.8V LiFePO4 battery is used to provide power via XT60 connectors and a pushbutton switch. The runtime is approximately 45mins.

Step 3: Completion!

With the broom handle attached with the switch and battery mounted, a short test confirmed proper clockwise rotation from the user's POV.

This whacker will be my new tool for yard maintenance since a new electric whacker is beyond my budget at this point. Also I hate those gas engine versions.

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