Homemade Electronic Drum Kit

Introduction: Homemade Electronic Drum Kit

For this project, you will need the following:
- 4 pieces of 12x24 inch plywood
- A roll of tin/aluminum foil
- A laser-cutter (OPTIONAL)
- A Makey Makey
- 13 alligator clips
- 5 mini jumper cables

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Step 1: Get Thin Enough Wood to Laser-cut. Visit OnShape IF You Plan on Laser Cutting It Into Circles.

We already made the CAD for the drums if you plan on using laser cutters to cut them. Here is the link: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/b54bb668975dd318dc2ecb52/w/09d685fa10cdeda8386edcee/e/acd4097a7324a7ea823f4fb6

Step 2: Put the Wood in the Laser Cutter and Begin Cutting.

This step is optional, because laser cutters are very expensive and not many people have them. Also, they may be complicated to use. We used the one at our school, but if you don't have one, you could find a place that has one, or use a ruler to cut out squares instead.

Step 3: Cover the Wooden Circles in Tin Foil.

Even though wood can conduct electricity, the amount produced is very small compared to foil, so it is easier for the Makey Makey to pick up electrical signals if the tin foil is wrapped around the drum, cymbal, or foot pedal.

Step 4: Hook Up Your Makeymakey to Your Computer and Go to Https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/107064592/#editor

Put alligator clips on the Makey Makey for the space bar, up arrow, down arrow, right arrow, and "earth". Put mini jumper cables into W, A, S, D, and F, and put alligator clips on those, and then clip every alligator clip to the corresponding drum or cymbal.
W = ride cymbal
A = high tom
S = snare
D = ride bell
F = Low Tom
Space bar = bass drum
Up arrow = open hi hat
Down arrow + up arrow = closed hi hat
Right arrow = crash cymbal

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