Homemade Electronic-Resettable Fuse (Circuit Breaker)

Introduction: Homemade Electronic-Resettable Fuse (Circuit Breaker)

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In this video i show my homemade electronic-resettable fuse. It's made out of car 12V relay, 2leds, 6.3V zener diode, 2 ordinary diodes and resistor. You can see the circuit in video close to end and there i explain how it works. It's simple circuit, everyone can make it. This fuse is really useful on power supplies that you don't want to short them out.This circuit only works with 12V so if you want to use on higher voltage, then put a voltage regulator on it, then you can use voltage up to 35V, i did that, i put 12V 500mA regulator. If you like this instructable then vote for it and Subscribe! And if you can, support me on Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/TestasTChannel

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