Homemade Emergency LED Light Bulb


Introduction: Homemade Emergency LED Light Bulb

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Homemade Emergency LED Light Bulb. A very simple inverter circuit and How to Make a Toroid Transformer. My second inverter circuit DC to AC make it or diy. This Efficient joule thief can take as very little voltage 0.5V to 3v "AA Battery" to Boost Set Up AC or pulsed DC to turn on 120v or 220v small current 1.5w to 3 watt LED Bulbs can be achieved. Yes! to steal all the last energy from a little battery.

What is a Joule Thief? Is a minimalist Armstrong self-oscillating voltage booster that is small, low-cost, and easy to build, typically used for driving light loads. It can use nearly all of the energy in a single-cell electric battery, even far below the voltage where other circuits consider the battery fully discharged; hence the name, which suggests the notion that the circuit is stealing energy or "joules" from the source. The term is a pun on the expression "jewel thief": one who steals jewelry or gemstones. The circuit is a variant of the blocking oscillator that forms an unregulated voltage boost converter. The output voltage is increased at the expense of higher current draw on the input, but the integrated current of the output is lowered and brightness of a luminescence decreased.

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    Write it up. You've got to be a better writer than Cinematographer! What Carlos said.

    It is very well done, but I question why you'd go from low voltage DC to high voltage AC only to have then the electronics of the bulb bring it do low voltage DC again. Just power an LED from a set of batteries.