Homemade Emergency Power Bank for Smatphone With TP4056 Li-Ion Charging Module


Introduction: Homemade Emergency Power Bank for Smatphone With TP4056 Li-Ion Charging Module

Homemade Emergency Power Bank for Smatphone with DC Voltage Step-up Boost Module and

TP4056 1A Li-Ion battery Charging Module, 2 cells laptop batteries, mini box toy, and few times

Model: TP4056
- Material: PCB + plastic + iron

- Board TP4056 lithium charge management chip

- Mini USB head can link directly to the computer USB port charging

- The charging board can also power supply from (IN + and IN-) pin

- Setting aside the the TEMP pin interface can be used as lithium battery temperature detection

- Input voltage: 4V~8V - Maximum output charging current: 1000mA

- D1 indicator lights on when in charging, D2 lights on when charging completed

More Homemade External Power Bank Backup Battery for Smart Phone here:

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    9 Discussions

    There is no diagram and no way to understand how you wired it all. Just music and nothing to make it really understandable. Too bad.

    for this battery protector module

    how all of this parts

    There is no need for a diagram, these 3 items cost less than $4 from eBay.

    The price of these things have nothing to do with whether or not a wiring diagram is needed.

    here is my unit over several changes you will see the protection circuit on the battery with the 2 crock clips attached https://www.youtube.com/user/1981dasimpson/videos

    you have not connected the protection circuit correctly the 3 terminals is were the output and input should go one will be + the middle withh be the temp sencer the other will be -