Homemade Fabric Refresher





Introduction: Homemade Fabric Refresher

Simply put, make your own Febreeze...

If you like a clean and fresh smelling home why not make your own Fabric Refresher according to your own tastes. Now there are many different scents of Febreeze available but what if you'd like your own...

Step 1: What You'll Need

Here's what you'll need to get started...

1x empty Spray Bottle (I used my previous Fabric Refresher Spray Bottle)
1x Bottle of Liquid Fabric Softener (Brand and Scent of your choosing)

Step 2: Mixin It All Up...

Caution: Extreme Molecular Nuclear Atomic Chemistry follows (not really)

Pour 1/2 cap to 1 cap of your favorite fabric softener into empty Spray Bottle.
Finish filling the Spray Bottle with good ol' H20 (water)...

Give it a good shake and there you have it...

Your own Custom, Homemade Fabric Refresher...

And for those who would like a logo to put on their bottles, Just print out an image onto sticker paper and cut to size/shape...




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You should just mix any essential oil(s) you choose with baking soda and then mix into a spray bottle of distilled water. 100% green, no chemicals, good for you and the earth.

Love this! I run a second hand shop for a charity, so this is a much used item, and fantastic way to save money.

HEY...does not anyone know that there is not one Fabric Softener on the shelf that is not toxic to humans? A neighbor has pancreas cancer and his doctor will not allow any of them to use the stuff. My son has a tumor on his pancrea and when I read reason what could cause this one of them was FABRIC SOFTENER. These companies will sell us anything just to get our money. I now use WHITE VINEGAR in my fina rinse cycle of wash and it is cheap and safe. If I happen to miss adding itn into wash than I just put some vinega on a wash cloth and toss in dryer. I want my family healthy. People do not stop and think...where does al these cancers come from...I know from the big companies that sell fragrances and other toxic products to us. A Healthy Home Has No Smell.... just need fresh air.

Big ole thank you! I'm going to try this right now with my favorite cruelty free fabric softener!

WOW, i just made 2 - 32oz bottles of this. I cant believe how much money i spent on fabreeze @ 5 bucks a bottle !!! I went to my local store and lucky for me the one scent i liked was allso only 2 bucks for a 3 Qt bottle, So with 1 cap making one bottle i spent a big 2 bucks for 40 bottles of this!!!!!

heres the math
2 - 32 oz spray bottles $3.00
3 Qt bottle of Purex mountain breeze $ 2.00
total cost about $5.18
making 40 bottles

VS 1 bottle of fabreeze for 5.00

THANK YOU SO MUCH !! you rock !!

great post, I'm going to try it, also i read somewhere that another alternative to fabreze would be to use white vinegar and liquid scent.

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I have tried the vinegar recipes that are floating around and they all seem to have that vinegar scent to me... thus I am Anti-Vinegar for Fabric Refresher...

a bowl of full strength vinegar set on a counter is all I use for a room refresher. I've no idea why it works. does anyone else?

You gotta be kidding me?! That's it!??! Well Frabreeze is a big waste of money! Thank you BigBadJohn! xoxo

Thank you so much for this! I have been thinking about making my own using essential oils, but it hasn't quite worked! I mixed some of this up and it works splendidly!

I have done this since college-works really great when the air gets dry and there is a lot of static buildup from the rug. A great lazy way to fluff wrinkled clothing too-spritz and shake.

And if this mixture isn't shaken well, and the liquid softener has a color to it (like blue or green), then some spot staining may occur. So, please shake well before using.

If you want something that will leave no residue, and works much better, actually removing the smells, use what costumers call "vodka spray". it's really easy, 1/2 cheapo vodka, and 1/2 distilled water (one can also use tap water, but distilled works a bit bette). to use, shake the spray bottle and spray on clothes. let dry and poof! no funk (or substantially less funk). you also get to avoid that nasty febreeze smell (which I personally can't stand).

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Fabric Softener contains various waxes and will attract dirt and buildup. That's why it's added in the first rinse.

Sounds cool and definitely good to know, but I feel like it could have been just one sentance. Like, "Did you know that diluted fabric softener can be used in place of Febreeze?"

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