Homemade Flavoured Butters




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Homemade Flavored Butters: 4 Simple Recipes
Soft and delicious, it is made of fine ingredients and lifts up a regular dish into something heavenly.

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Step 1: Ingredients

  • 1L/32 ounces Heavy cream or Whipping cream (with higher fat content)
    • Smoked Salmon (grind into a paste)
    • Parsley
    • Garlic
    • Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil
    • Seeded Mustard
    • Salt (optional)

    Step 2: Homemade Butter

    Method 1:

    If you will use the Thermomix food processor, follow the next steps... Insert butterfly into mixing bowl. Pour 1 liter of cold Whipping cream and blend about 4 min. on speed 6. If your food processor begins to "dance" you can stop earlier because you butter is ready.

    Method 2:

    You can also use an electric hand mixer or stand mixer. Whip the cream until it separates into butter and buttermilk.

    Method 3:

    Take a plastic bottle or a jar, pour about a third of cream. And shake it 5 minutes, until the butter separates. If you are strong enough it should only take a minute or so)))

    Method 4:

    Also, you can skip the step of making butter, buy it, and all you need to do is allowing your butter to sit at room temperature until it's softened and add these ingredients to it.

    Step 3: Pour Off the Buttermilk

    In my case double cream didn't make buttermilk. From 1 litre of Whipping cream, I obtained 600 grams of butter.

    In other cases, you have to completely strain the butter. It'll be better if you will rinse it few times in very cold water, until the water is clear, and then completely drain the butter.

    Step 4: 4 Plates - 150 Grams Butter Each

    Step 5: Smoked Salmon Flavored Butter

    Step 6: Parsley & Garlic Flavored Butter

    Step 7: Tomato & Basil Flavored Butter

    Step 8: Mustard Flavored Butter

    Step 9: Preserving

    Cut a square of cling film or baking parchment. Roll it around the butter to form a sausage shape, then twist the ends to seal. The butter is now ready to be stored for up to a month in the freezer.

    Do you have other good recipes to flavor butter? Please share in comments)

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      14 Discussions


      5 months ago on Step 9

      It's amazing: most flavored butters are soluble in carrier fat substrates, olive oil is most known as a frying carrier, and fresh whipped butter is the best for fresh unmodified eating.
      Another carrier for spices not so well known, but extra popular food in Ukraine and Russia especially good with Vodka (*): is the salted "Salo"
      (*) to be hard real russian Ushanka Cheburashka, drink medical cocktail: medical grade/chemistry clean C2H5OH + glucose/sextrose + Saline (bidistilled water with 0.9 NaCl)

      2 replies

      Reply 3 months ago

      Hi! “Salo” or “Сало» rus. Is not actually a bacon, is a back fat of a pig. Usually is dry salted and canned.


      4 months ago

      Very simple and delicious! Love it! Thank for the recipy!


      5 months ago

      Looks delicious!!!

      Penolopy Bulnick

      6 months ago

      These butters sound tasty and look lovely :)


      6 months ago on Step 9

      Cartman:Take one for the team, Butters!
      Butters: Well, all right then fellas......

      Jokes aside, thanks for the flavor ideas. Looks yum!

      2 replies

      Reply 6 months ago

      Oh, and have you tried Blue Cheese butter? Great on a grilled steak.


      Reply 6 months ago

      Steak & Blue cheese butter, I'd call that a potentially deadly combination) Thanks for idea!


      6 months ago

      This looks so yummy and I will be trying it soon. I will let you know my results. Thank you for sharing a unique recipe!

      1 reply

      Reply 6 months ago

      Thanks! I'm pretty sure you will like it) Waiting for your pictures...


      6 months ago

      The mustard butter sounds delicious!