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Introduction: Homemade Forge

So, you want to make a forge? Well you've come to the right place. Forging is a fun experience and skill to have. You are allowed to create things that are only limited by your imagination from tools, to blades, to art.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

This step will vary a lot, depending on how tall you are and how varied your budget is. I will be using my set up and the materials I used. You might find a way that may be better than mine. Who knows.

Here is what you will need:


2x Steel Square Tube 1.5" x 1.5" , 15" long (A1)

6x Steel Angles 1.5" x 1.5", 14" long (B1)

2x Steel Angles 1.5" x 1.5" , 36" long (B2)

3x Steel Pipes (Threaded Outside) 1.5" Inner Diameter, 11" long (C1)

1x Steel Cap (Threaded Inside) (D1)

1x Steel T Pipe (Threaded Inside) (E1)

1x Steel Coupling (F1)



Hair Drier

Drill w/ bits

Metallic Tape (Tin Foil or Aluminum)

Welding Kit

Metal Filter

Steel Bowl (13" diameter, with lip)

Step 2: Building the Frame

Well, this step is pretty straight forward, but also the longest: connect them while following these instructions and looking at the diagrams for clarification. The frame will be used to support everything.

2.A. Take 4 for the B1s and weld them into a square formation. Pairs that are across from each other will be on the same level as each other, as the other pair is on top/bottom of the previous pair.

2.B. Take 4 of the B2s andweld them to all four corners of the square.

2.C. Take 2 of the B1s and in between the legs of the B2s. The B1s should be 16" off of the ground, flat part down, and be opposite sides of each other. Weld them together.

2.D. Take 2 of the A1s and weld them at the bottom of the B2s, however they are to be perpendicular to the B1s

You are now done building the frame.

Step 3: Building the Piping

This part is similar to the last step and a bit easier. The piping will be used for the airflow and dirt disposal. Just follow the instructions and look at the diagram.

3.A. Screw 1 C1 to each side of the F1.

3.B. Screw an E1 to a side of the C1.

3.C. Screw 1 C1 on to the bottom of the F1 and

You are now done with the piping.

Step 4: Slap It Together

In this step, you are going to be putting the piping and frame together. Seems easy, right?

4.A Take your metal bowl and put it on the top of the frame, inside the square. Welding is optional.

4.B. Cut a hole in the bowl just big enough for the E1 from the piping to fit in. Weld the bowl and E1 together.

You are now done slapping it together.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

You are almost done! You just need to add the final pieces!

5.A. Attach the hair drier to the end of the C1 that is protruding out. You may have to remove the grill that is at the front of the hair dryer. When the hair drier fits deep around the C1, it's time to drill and screw it in. First drill some pilot holes around the front of the hair drier (About 3, 120 degrees from each other.) Then drill the exact same holes onto the C1. Keep working your way up through your bits so that your screws can fit. Now use your metallic tape to cover the open area around the hair dryer. You may also want to tape around the threaded areas as well.

5.B. Add the steel filter in the bowl, on top of the E1. You may have to weld in down.

Great. You're done. Now grab some coal and get to hammerin'.

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Used a truck brake drum and welded a smoke hood for it, and made a coal table that goes right into the forge.


    2 years ago

    You could also use a brake drum, if some people are having trouble locating a rather rare unidentified 'steel bowl'. And look man, it's certainly creative to use a computer program to show how it goes together since you forgot to take pictures in the process, but it would actually be better if you just took close up shots of the different parts of the finished forge. The computer images are a tad confusing and not detailed enough to replicate. Sweet forge, btw. Start movin some metal!

    Sophia Vera
    Sophia Vera

    2 years ago

    WOOOOOOW THIS IS AMAZING.... nice shoes bud.


    2 years ago

    That's a great simple setup :)