Homemade Geocaching Golf Balls




In this episode I will demonstrate how to make a geocaching container that will blend in well near almost any golf course. This container would be classed as a micro in my estimation although the actual storage capacity might be closer to the nano size.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

The materials needed for this project are:
Golf balls
Micro Centrifuge Tubes
Appropriate sized drill bit
Drill press/hand drill

Step 2: Start Drilling

The Micro Centrifuge Tubes that I obtained through the vets office where I work fit very snugly into a 27/64" hole. I placed the golf ball in the center hole of the drill press stage and held it in place with one hand. I would recommend using your drill press on the fastest speed but drilling very slowly, backing out the bit often. The two golf balls I have here were rubber cored but I have encountered some with a liquid core that may spray out during drilling, so be advised. I also added a piece of masking tape to the drill bit to act as a depth gauge so I didn't drill through the entire ball. The Micro Centrifuge Tubes were nearly as long as the ball so this was somewhat critical.

Step 3: A Round Tube in a Round Hole

Once the hole was drilled and the extra debris was blown out I simply press fitted the Micro Centrifuge Tubes into the 27/64" hole and it held tightly. I thought about using some epoxy to hold the tubes in but the fit was so snug that it didn't seem necessary.

Step 4: How to Use...

how to use... well if your not familiar with Geocaching and yet have read this entire instructable you probably have too much time on your hands, but for a geocache container of this size you probably wont fit much more that a paper log into the opening. I would advise writing on the outside of the ball the typical "This is an official geocache... do not disturb... visit www.geocaching.com for more info..." and then hide your cache in a place you might typically find a stray golf ball but is not likely to be picked up by a random golfer trying to shag his ball in the rough.

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4 years ago on Introduction

I have thought about doing this, but adding some kind of cordage and burying that down under the soil. So if the random person decides to pick up the ball, it would be secured and they wouldn't be able to walk off with it. Shouldn't be too hard to adapt this to that type of security. Still great idea! Glad we think alike!

Example attached: Bury a small piece of tubing, put some cord down thru tube, with something horizontal to keep it from being pulled all the way out, but enough slack to raise it up above the ground, and secure it to the golf ball which has the cache enclosed!

golf cache.jpg

6 years ago on Introduction

Nice, probably should work but probably be difficult to hide, personally
I would hide it in a tree hollow. Where did you get the viles?

3 replies

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

I work for a veterinarian and we have extras of these tubes as they come free with the Heart-worm "Snap" test we use on the office