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Introduction: Homemade Guitar

This is the first guitar that I've made, I plan on making more. I did this one in my in my high school woods class. I'm sorry I don't have any step-by-step instructions, but if you have any questions just comment and I'll answer them as soon as I can. The guitar is completly handmade, except for the pickguard, which I machined with a CNC router. 



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    Hey um do you know if it is possible to find instructions on how to build a guitar on the internet?
    If you do know would you tell me?

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    I found a book at my library that had instructions, but I have since moved and my new library doesn't have anything :( you can buy books on amazon and there are other instructables that have good advice like, Machine Your Own Guitar by mattthegamer463, Build Your Own Electric Guitar! by gbuilder, and How to build an Electric Guitar. by friger. sorry I don't know a specific place where you could get instructions online, i can help if you have any questions, good luck

    Ok! Thank you! I have always wanted a guitar, but they cost to much but now I can make and design my own guitar. THANK YOU!


    4 years ago

    did u use a steel rod in the neck under the fret board for reinforcement or is it just solid wood, also did u also repurpose the pickups?

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    I did not repurpose the pickups. I didn't put a truss rod :( which I now regret doing, I highly recommend putting in a truss rod if at all possible.

    Why is that? Im considering doing an adaptation of the custom vox that lennon and harrison shared. What have u experienced without the truss rod that having one would fix?

    Without a truss rod the neck will bend, from the tension of the strings, increasing the action and eventually will make it almost impossible to play the guitar

    The neck is three strips of wood that run through the body( I took the fret board off a old guitar).

    I see you took inspiration from the Epiphone SG for the body of the guitar and the Stratocaster for the pickgaurd. You should dremol in something like Sgatocaster into the head, which looks awesome by the way. Keep up the good work.

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