Homemade Holiday Decorations




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Intro: Homemade Holiday Decorations

This is a slide show of several decorations to make out of generally free, readily available materials. Cardboard, EPS foam, or styrofoam, paper, glue, usual stuff. The Christmas tree actually cost less than five dollars to make, should last for a very long time, and was lots of fun to make. I use a hotwire machine alot to cut letters, numbers and signs. Foam is easy to obtain, generally free. Many hours of work, but not much cost.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks mamma! Happy holidays, I wonder if domestic_engineer got her cardboard? Coincidentally, just before sitting down at the computer, I had just taken the tree down from the garage rafters and set it up after repairing some hangers, etc....all set for another year, it's so easy this way!

    I love the cardboard ornaments.
    they look great, and easy to make.
    i need to go run out to the curb and reclaim some cardboard before the recycling truck comes.


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