Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas !

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Gifts are the only thing that everybody likes, especially on Christmas. But giving a gift may be the only thing that most people dislike to do!
And many people don't know what to give as a Christmas gift, so here you are a good idea... A gift in a gift!...
Now, you see in most one dollar stores, a bear or anything like that, placed in a beautiful mug... but these gifts are not impressive. So why not to make your ownes that may be much much impressive...

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Step 1: 1- Gathering Materials

To prepare this gift, you have to gather these things:

- A new beautiful mug and it's box if you can find it (i didn't)
- A teddy bear anything like that
- Your gift (mine was a ring).

Step 2: 2- Preparing Everything

preparing this gift is so easy. All you have to do is:
1- place the box containing the ring in the cup (you can cover it with flowers or anything)
2- place the bear (or whatever) in the cup
And thats it... Now go to fold it... To --------------->

Step 3: Final Step: Folding and Giving

Now, all you have to do is to fold it in a good way : it will be so easy if you can find the original box, but I didn't:(
Now give it to the person you like...


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