Homemade Honey Hair Mask




This hair mask is super simple, and uses items you most likely you already have at home. It is a great way to calm frizzy hair or an itching scalp.

You will only two ingredients: honey and hair balm of your choice, in roughly equal proportions. If you like, you can switch out the hair balm for some mashed up banana, or mashed up avocado, or an egg yoke. I tried banana once, it took days to get all the little pieces out.

If you have some on hand, you can add some specialized hair oil like castor oil, vitamin e or similar.

Step 1: Mix and Add

Mix the ingredients up and start smothering it into slightly dampened hair.

Leave the mixture in your hair for 20-60 minutes. The longer you leave it in your hair, the better the results will be. When you are ready, rinse your hair and wash it like you normally would.

Repeat the process about once a week.

Step 2: The Results

After using this hair mask your hair will be soft, so very soft, have a nice shine, and smell slightly of honey. The sent will dissipate but the softness will remain. It's not possible to show on a photo, but I tell you, it is so soft.

Honey is considered to have some antibacterial and healing properties, though the scientific evidence to support these claims is weak. Never the less, soo soooft.

Repeated use may have a slightly bleaching effect on dark hair.



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    2 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Sounds nice! About what proportions of honey to hair balm to oils do you use?

    1 reply
    linnea_aPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 2 years ago

    About 50/50, but you can adjust the proportions how ever you like.