Homemade Hydrogen (H²). Hydrochloric Acid + Aluminium Foil. Set on Fire and Explosion

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In this experiment we are going to produce hydrogen gas using home depot stuff. It is a hydrogen generator based on hydrochloric acid. Then we will set it on fire and we are going to capture it on a plastic bag and make it explode.

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Step 1: Make a Hole on the Cork

We need a crystal bottle with a cork (Should be crystal because the reaction will produce a lot of heat). We have to make a 12mm hole on the cork and insert a 12mm silicone tube.

Step 2: Two Holes on Soda Bottle

Then we make a hole in the button of a 2 liters soda bottle. One in the bottom and another on the cap and insert the silicone tube.

Step 3: Seal the Holes With Hot Silicone

You have to seal off all the holes with a hot silicone pistol.

Step 4: Next Step Is to Fill With Water the Soda Bottle.

Fill the bottle of soda with water

Step 5: Pour Hydrochloric Acid in the Crytal Bottle

Fill 1/5 of the crystal bottle with hydrochloric acid or muricatic acid.

Step 6: Drop Aluminium Foil Balls in the Crystal Bottle

Drop aluminium foil balls in the crystal bottle

Step 7: Wait for the Reaction

Wait a couple of seconds for the reaction to start.

Step 8: Hydrogen Will Be Release From the Cap Silicone Tub

You can trap it in a bag and explode it or set it on fire



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