Homemade Joule Thief Circuit Board

Intro: Homemade Joule Thief Circuit Board

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Joule Thief? It’s a little wisp of a circuit that allows you to drive a blue or white LED from a low voltage. Normally, if you want to light up a blue or white LED you need to provide it with 3 – 3.5 V, like from a 3 V lithium coin cell. But a 1.5 V battery like a AA cell simply will not work. But using the Joule Thief, it works like a charm. Not only does it work with a brand new battery, but it works until the battery is nearly dead– down to 0.3 V

Step 1: Tools and Parts

Soldering Iron Solder

White LED

NPN Transistor

1k Resistor (Brown-Black-Red)

Step 2: Complette

In the circuit diagram for the Joule Thief, the common point of the toroid is the connection at the top of the hand-wound ferrite toroid, in the upper right of the diagram. This goes to the positive end of the battery. The other two wires from the toroid go to the resistor and to the intersection of the transistor with the LED

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a great project!

    If you wanted to, you can actually embed the video right here in your project. Just a thought! :)