Homemade Kinetic Sand

Introduction: Homemade Kinetic Sand

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Kinetic Sand is fun to play with! However, it can be fairly expensive to purchase it from a store. This D.I.Y Kinetic Sand recipe is almost identical to store bought sand (and inexpensive)!


1 cup of sand
1/2 tablespoon of cornstarch
1 tsp of dishsoap
1 cup of water

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Step 1: Water Mixture

Mix the dish soap with the water. It should look a bit bubbly.

Step 2: The Dry Mixture

Mix sand and cornstarch together. The mixture should feel like slightly powdery sand.

Step 3: Sand!

Add a spoonful of the water mixture to the dry mixture. Mix well. Keep slowly adding the water to the sand mixture until it sticks together. Once it sticks together, your sand is complete! You can add a few drops of food dye, to color the sand, but that is optional.

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