Homemade Kubotan From Arrow

Introduction: Homemade Kubotan From Arrow

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Step 1: Starting Off


-metal arrow
-field point
-2 2 1/2" nails
-duct tape
-saw to cut arrow (optional, as I just break them with my hands)
-needle nose pliers

Step 2: Body

Take the arrow and put in a field point, then cut it or break it to be about 6 1/2" long including the field point. If you broke it then you will have to reform the broken end to be somewhat circular with the pliers.it should look like this...

Step 3: Guts

Now take the nails and duct tape. Rip the duct tape into thin strips and wrap the nails at both ends with it, this will provide weight and structural support. Push the nails into the arrow. Make sure they are tight but not so tight that they won't move the last nail should stick out about a centimeter.

Step 4: Finishing

Now you can duct tape or cord wrap the handle, or put a cork or some putty on the nail that sticks out for a thumb cushion, here's mine all done

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